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Kit is the founder and president of the Power of Peace Project, Inc. POPP began in 2010 inside Georgia’s most violent and dangerous maximum security prison in the midst of a gang war…
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“While the world is talking about walls and tunnels, the Power of Peace Project is presently building bridges of hope and peace between the youth on both sides of the border. The kids in Tijuana now have a voice and they are shouting for PEACE.” – Kit Cummingsa mike slater

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POPP in Tijuana, Mexico

The Power of Peace Project has launched a Peace Initiative in one of the most dangerous areas of Tijuana, Mexico. We have partnered with Bridge to the Future, Inc. and Letics Sports, Inc. to begin working with the beautiful kids in that violent region using sports to help them get off the streets and stay in school. During the week of Cinco De Mayo we will launch the POPP 40 Days of Peace inside La Mesa and El Hongo prisons in Tijuana and Mexicali, to work with rival gangs and cartels inside these tough Mexican facilities. But the major focus will be launching the 40 Days of Peace with 180 teens on the local soccer clubs, and teaching them to become young peacemakers and how to change their community from the inside out. With protection from the local landowners, business leaders, and criminal organizations we will work to rescue these kids, and also help their fathers rehabilitate and come back into the community as productive citizens. Each of the three POPP phases will culminate with community events featuring music, food, games and a celebration for the kids and their families– this will be truly historical as rival factions come together to provide protection for these young athletes. Pray for PEACE in Tijuana… if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere!

POPP at the King Center

A ten week course. Participants engage once a week as they take on the 40 Days of Peace Challenge.  Throughout the course each participant will…
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Students engage in 40 Day programs designed to change their mindsets and attitudes in a quest for a new standard of positive behavior…
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Kit created and developed Attitude Science as the model and platform from which he teaches. With humor and high energy, Kit pulls from CBT principles…
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Our Inspired Straight system provides programming and mentoring to at-risk youth in order to interrupt and redirect dangerous decisions and behavior.
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“40 Days to Freedom” is the follow-up work to the breakthrough Peace Journal. This book is being used in schools and prisons across the country. This 40 day project breaks down barriers and builds bridges between rival groups, religious factions and cultural adversaries.
“40 Days to Peace” is an action journal forged in a maximum security prison. This book led to the prison peace movement known as the Power of Peace Project. This 40 day project deals with conflict in difficult relationships and tension-filled environments.

Kit’s Recent Blog Posts

Unlikely Ambassadors of Peace

Yesterday when I was at Hays State Prison I found out that one of our Power of Peace guys spent the week in the hole (segregation unit). His spirits were high and he said he wrote the 40 Days of Peace steps on the wall in that dark cell: 1) I will seek first to...

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POPP and Diversion Programs

Yesterday was a beautiful day serving with a diversion and recovery program that the Power of Peace Project is partnered with in North Georgia. Every two months I have the opportunity to go and teach the participants and it is one of the highlights of my work. We...

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