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The Power of Peace Project is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

What We Do

Protect the Dream is a character and leadership development program that raises up positive role models among high school students. In a world where distractions and temptations are at an all-time high, students must learn how to avoid trouble and overcome obstacles in order to stay on-course to fulfill their dreams. It’s easy for a student to slip up, make one poor decision, and ruin the trajectory of his or her life; POPP prepares students to make the right decisions when faced with tough challenges.

POPP creates a school environment full of exemplary leaders, compassionate classmates, and proactive peacemakers. Make a donation to help expand the Protect The Dream program in Cobb County Schools.

Students learn to:

  • Design their dreams
  • Protect their dreams from “The Seven Dream Killers”
  • Set goals for personal development
  • Practice healthy accountability
  • Break the habits of complaining, blaming, and excuse-making
  • Use their influence for peace
  • Become Dream Protectors on their campus

At POPP we are helping kids dream BIG dreams and then equipping them to protect those dreams at all costs. Support us as we continue to give this young generation HOPE. Hope is the New Dope!


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