This is where the rubber meets the road, and your commitment to change is truly put into action! Students engage in 40 Day programs designed to change their mindsets and attitudes in a quest for a new standard of positive behavior that first comes alive in themselves, and then inspires others to act alike. It is about leading by example. Together, we raise up role models – and as these new leaders emerge – as they are observed and even emulated, we ultimately change the entire culture of the student body. Breaking the habits instilled by unhealthy media, reckless entertainment and risky & dangerous behavior – 40 Days to Freedom teaches universal laws and principles that provoke thought and inspire change among teens and young America – and gives us all a new way to channel our passions, energy and dreams regarding our future. The Teen 40 Days to Freedom project is for young people 14-21 years old who are being exposed to and tempted by risky and unhealthy behaviors, and for those who wish to be trained to become youth peace makers and mentors. Find out what these kids might not be talking about at home. Contact us for more information and availability, or better yet, sign up today! No cost for participants. Only a $10 administrative fee is all that is required to get started. Come join us and begin your journey to freedom!