Addiction resides in the primitive brain. When the addict is in active drug or alcohol use, the primitive brain is in a state of fight or flight, and literally makes you believe that you will die if you do not get it what it wants and needs. That’s why an addict will go to any lengths to get his or her drug of choice– especially if they’re dope-sick (burglary, breaking and entering, theft from family members, and pawn shops, among other things that destroy families, and seem to make no sense). The disease is cunning, baffling, and powerful… Love the addict, study the disease, and don’t ever give up on them. Even if that means tough love, consequences, and excruciating choices; addicts are brilliant and beautiful, but very sick. And most of all, pray for them, their life depends on it. God bless the addicts, especially the young ones… Peace to you and yours, from a fellow brother in joyful, longterm recovery.