Do you know someone battling depression? For many years I just couldn’t understand people who struggled with this condition. It just seemed like they needed to believe, change their mind,and pull themselves out of it… Then, in 2002, that darkness came to visit me. I had never experienced it, clinically, and it nearly took me out over the next couple of years. I discovered empathy, having now gone down that road, instead of just compassion for those who were struggling. Try¬†to imagine yourself in the other’s shoes, and just sit with them, walk with them, and if need be, carry them– but please don’t tell them to “snap out of it” or to just “get over it.” Walk a mile with the other, and NEVER give up on them. Walk with them until they can once again see the light; and please pray for them unceasingly. I hope you never have to go down that road, but if you do, you’ll need someone to “feel you” rather than just tell you. Today the light is so bright, and just maybe I can show others the way back to it. Peace to you and yours, and I’ll see you on the field.