Matt Moody

“I really like the leadership focus that the POPP program has brought to our athletic teams at North Cobb High School. Under the guidance of Mr. Cummings, our Warriors have been educated on the characteristics that positive leaders can display each day in our school and community.”

North Cobb High School Principal
Jesse Evans

“Kit Cummings’s Protect the Dream program helps to empower our youth to face challenges head on. POPP is an innovative and inspirational program that turns students into positive role models, and we are proud to support this remarkable program!”

Chief Assistant District Attorney
Gary Sylvestri

“The Power of Peace Project is needed in every high school! Kit does an amazing job relating to today’s youth in a relevant and charismatic way. POPP is not a club or a program, it is a movement. Don’t miss out!”

Milton High Athletic Director
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