Prescriptions for Peace… How do you create something out of nothing? The truth is that we are doing it every day, whether we are aware of it or not. It starts with our thoughts– around 40,000 of them a day. Thoughts become things and you begin to create what you hold in your mind space. Secondly you create with your words– around 15,000 a day. Words are powerful and carry unlimited potential. Everything that is, was created first in the mind, as an idea, and then expressed in the spoken word. Next it is ALL about focus: what we focus on expands. Whatever gets and holds your valuable attention today is what you begin to attract, develop and construct– consciously or unconsciously. Finally, we become what we see. You will draw upon your memories and activate your imagination throughout the day today, knowingly or unknowingly– as you daydream and fantasize. What you see in your mind’s eye, as well as outside of yourself is what you eventually become– so surround yourself with and fill your mind with things and people that support your dreams and visions. Don’t buy into the lie that you have no power over what happens to you today. You are co-creating your life by what you think about, speak about, focus on, and dream about– period, point blank. That’s how our Creator did it, and we are fashioned in His image. It’s really quite simple.. You say you wanna be happy? You say you wanna have a great day? Follow the prescription and have the ¬†best day of your life. (See you on the field)a breakfast club