Kit and his son Cole– UGA POPP Club


POPP: Bridging the Gap Between GenX and GenZ

People often ask me what is the biggest problem facing our youth today. My answer? The broken and disconnected parent/child relationship. It’s time to raise up a whole new generation of strong young men and women who respect their parents and elders, and parents who understand and relate to their kids.

Welcome to “40 Days of Power.” Forty participants commit to seven principles for forty days straight. Every day we study quotes from world-changers and take on daily action-challenges. Each week we meet together in Power Groups on Sundays from 4:00–5:30 pm to work on our goals, encourage one another, and strive to take it even higher. Together we are becoming positive role models to other families in your community. By the end of our campaign we will have created a positive social media project for the students, and we will enjoy an entertaining and inspiring “41st Day Celebration” at the conclusion of our series. In our “POPP40” course, we engage parent/teen teams and learn from iconic world-changers, as we go through the POPP workbook together. This eight-week character and leadership development project helps parents and their kids learn to set goals, design big dreams, develop healthy accountability, and learn to protect their dreams at all costs. Each week we take on one of the seven “Dream Killers” that threaten the dreams of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. Utilizing Kit’s new “Protect the Dream: 40 Days of Power” curriculum, this 40-Day series brings families together, as we create opportunities every day for two unique generations to understand one another better, walk a mile together, and work to accomplish our life goals and dreams together. Powerful breakthroughs await…

Simply fill out the short form below with your participants’ names, your contact info, and a little bit about yourself and your teen. Our next Parent & Teen “Protect the Dream Campaign” is coming to your school soon! After submitting your form, just go to the DONATE page and pay your registration fee of $125 per participant– less than $20 a week for each teen transformation! Participants receive a “Protect the Dream” book, wristband, 40-Day training, plus “Hope is the New Dope” POPP Gear along the way for competition and prizes. Our  “41st Day Celebration” is a powerful community event and all are welcome, no matter the age! Each campaign has forty spots to fill, and it’s first come-first serve, so enroll TODAY!