On MLK Day, January 20th 2020, the NAACP presented Kit Cummings with the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Living the Dream Award” in recognition of Kit’s contribution to civil rights. It was a complete surprise to him, as they had tricked him and told him he would be speaking at their annual Gala in order to make sure he was in attendance! It was one of highlights of Kit’s thirty-year career, as Dr. King has shaped his message and built the foundation for his work in the field of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Below is his expression of thanks.

“I want to sincerely and humbly thank the NAACP for graciously honoring my work with the ‘Living the Dream’ award. I couldn’t be more grateful, as Dr. King changed my life and is one of my true heroes. To accept this on his behalf on HIS day means more to me than you can imagine. I AM living the dream, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. Huge thanks to NAACP past president and matriarch Deane Bonner, and current president Jeriene Grimes for partnering with the Power of Peace Project and helping to advance this very important work. Much love and mad respect!” Kit