This is what I believe… When you and I were conceived, we were gifted with a soul, our true self, which will never end, and can never die. This soul is pure God-stuff; made in His image; perfect, unique, and magnificent. The flesh is nothing more than a “garage” to carry this spotless and blameless soul, until it is released and set free. This perfect soul, our true self, does not hate, is never offended, has no need to lie, never defends, does no harm, is not threatened, has no fear, and knows no pride… There has never been a baby born into this world a bigot, a hater, or a racist. We learn these things, and as Mr. Mandela said, “If we can learn to hate, then we can learn to love.” Better yet, we can return to our true self, and shed all the things that cover up who we really are. We were not born Republican or Democrat; legal or an illegal; Baptist or Catholic; rich or poor; Crip or Blood; Muslim or Jew, or even Black or White. We learned these concepts and accepted them as true– but we have been deceived. After all is said and done, the soul remains, and knows only love. All these labels that we carry around and attach to are the things which divide us. If we were to shed all the labels, then who are we? Pure, blameless, and beautiful souls, caught up in this masquerade, and longing to be free. All the rest are merely constructs of the ego, an impotent impostor, which is forever seeking to attach to a new identity; never satisfied, never at peace; and never secure– always threatened and deeply afraid… What if today, just for today, we remove all the labels and simply see one another as we truly are: pure God-stuff, moving around in these tents, seeking to return to our true identity– sons and daughters of our perfect Creator. We all come from the same source, and we can never be defined by a term or a tagline. We were born to be free, so let us live that way today. See you on the field.