Tip Top Poultry has been a mainstay in Marietta, GA since 1947 and has always had a big heart for the least of these. The Tip Top executive team recently reached out to Kit to join them as they launch a one-of-a-kind program which provides hope to men and women who are transitioning back into society from behind the wire. Upon release, participants receive full-time employment at Tip Top, a mentor, fifteen modules of life-skills training, a support group, free housing for six months if needed, and Kit’s eight-week POPP Character and Leadership Development program. When Returning Citizens successfully complete the six-month program, they receive a scholarship to a local technical college so that they can learn a trade. These are all the components needed to successfully assimilate back into society. Kit has been searching for companies and programs such as these which give men and women a second chance at life! Thank you Tip Top, may many other companies follow your lead!