Representative Carl Gilliard (D- Savannah) is leading the State of Georgia to take a hard look at how they are addressing youth gang violence. Kit Cummings is one of the experts who will help shed light on effective ways to take on this growing community threat. Kit serves on the Georgia House of Representives HB750 Gang Prevention and Intervention Commission. Kit’s field of expertise comes from the last twelve years working in prisons, schools, and the faith-based community bringing rivals together and teaching conflict resolution, cooperation, and reconciliation skills. Having proven his program’s effectiveness by bringing rival gangs together in prisons across the country, and in Mexico, and creating a significant reduction in prison violence, Kit will now turn his attention to Youth Gang Prevention on the streets, in the schools, and in juvenile detentions. We must block the pipeline from schools to prisons, and that is one of his primary missions. We must interrupt and redirect this brilliant, but often misguided, young generation and set them firmly on the pathway to extraordinary dreams.