Meet Our POPP Advisory Team and BOD

Acworth Police Chief Wayne Dennard

“The Power of Peace Project unleashes the leader within by teaching young men and women that they can be agents of change and impact the world around them in a positive way!  Everyone has the power to protect their dreams and keep the hope for a better future. I have witnessed the fruit first hand and I am proud to be a sponsor and supporter of POPP!”

Wayne Dennard
Police Chief of Acworth
Milton Police Chief Rich Austin

“I have seen firsthand how POPP can help build up young people and adults alike.  The powerful tools learned in POPP have the potential to bring about long-term positive change for individuals and communities.“

Rich Austin
Milton Police Chief
Brian M. Bulthuis

“The POPP program is one of the most inspirational programs that the City of Acworth Police Department and City have been involved in. The program has allowed kids from North Cobb to realize they have a place in our community, and by utilizing their talents and getting involved as leaders they make our community a better place for everyone who lives here.”

Brian M. Bulthuis
City Manager of Acworth
Chief Assistant District Attorney Jesse Evans

“Kit Cummings’s Protect the Dream program helps to empower our youth to face challenges head on. POPP is an innovative and inspirational program that turns students into positive role models, and we are proud to support this remarkable program!”

Jesse Evans
Chief Assistant District Attorney
Chaplain Onesiphorus Burrel

“The Power of Peace Project has been a phenomenal blessing to me and the prison population at Earnest C Brooks Correctional Facility, as evidenced by half of our population of 1200+ prisoners asking, seeking, and desiring to be a part of the POPP movement. We have seen approximately 2000 inmates complete this powerful project, and violence decreased considerably. Kit keeps real, because Hope is the new Dope.”

Chaplain Onesiphorus Burrel
Michigan Dept. of Corrections
Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood

“I am so excited to be part of this powerful partnership between Power of Peace and North Cobb High School.  The peaceful resolution skills our young people are learning from Power of Peace will empower them to be successful in every part of their life. Thank you Kit!”

Tommy Allegood
Mayor of Acworth
North Cobb High School Principal Matt Moody

“I really like the leadership focus that the POPP program has brought to our athletic teams at North Cobb High School. Under the guidance of Mr. Cummings, our Warriors have been educated on the characteristics that positive leaders can display each day in our school and community.”

Matt Moody
North Cobb High School Principal
Dr. Gordon Pritz

“I first came to know Kit through his involvement in Douglas County Schools where I served as Superintendent. I was impressed with his dynamic motivational speaking and his ability to reach and inspire young people. Since my retirement in 2017, I have had the privilege of introducing POPP to numerous high school principals and superintendents in the metro Atlanta area, which has opened the door for hundreds more students to be reached and changed!”

Dr. Gordon Pritz
Superintendent Douglas County Schools
NorthStar Church Senior Pastor Mike Linch

“POPP is making a difference in young people’s lives in a huge way! Kit Cummings has a passion for this generation and is making a mark by helping students become WHO they really desire to be, and giving them the HOW! Teams, campuses, and futures are being changed because of the passion of POPP. I am honored to be a part of this movement!”

Mike Linch
NorthStar Church Senior Pastor
Milton High Athletic Director Gary Sylvestri

“The Power of Peace Project is needed in every high school! Kit does an amazing job relating to today’s youth in a relevant and charismatic way. POPP is not a club or a program, it is a movement. Don’t miss out!”

Gary Sylvestri
Milton High Athletic Director
James Albright

“Kit has a unique ability to connect with young people and communities that may have been left behind, discounted or forgotten.  POPP inspires individuals, groups, and organizations to be the influence and the positive change this world needs.  POPP is transforming communities through one young person, one school, and one community at a time.  This program is the real deal!”

James Albright
Director of Parks and Recreation of Acworth
Michelle Smith

“I am so thankful for Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project and what the movement is doing to help high school students. Four years ago, our family suffered tragic loss with our teen age daughter and our beautiful niece. Since that tragedy, my eyes have been opened to seeing things in the world differently. Kit Cummings has been a great mentor to me and my family and has come along side of us in our journey to help us navigate the unknown.”

Michelle Smith
Shelley Elder, Elder Law Firm

“The first Power of Peace Principle states “I become what I see,” and oh what a sight this program is. Kit Cummings and his team help light a path to success for the brilliant young minds of this community. This program illustrates the true meaning of guidance in the most powerful and uplifting way. I am so thankful to be a part of this movement.”

Shelley Elder
Elder Law Firm
Kennesaw Police Chief Bill Westenberger

“POPP is instrumental in making a difference in today’s youth. Our youth are challenged with constant pressure towards gangs, drugs, hate, and violence. POPP gives hope in countering those pressures while helping our youth navigate a positive path.”

Bill Westenberger
Kennesaw Police Chief
Tim Houston

“The Power of Peace Project is an amazing program. I have witnessed the affect it has had on our youth of today. Letting them know how important their position in life is, giving them hope that no matter where they are in life, they can become a leader and make a difference in society. In other words, POPP meets them where they are, and that’s very important to young people. I am very glad and excited to play a small part in this fantastic program!”

Tim Houston
Alderman, Acworth City Council
Milton High School Head Football Coach Adam Clack, 2018 7A State Champions

“POPP made a HUGE impact on our football team this season. Kit was able to connect and engage my developing leaders in a way that made them think about important issues and ideas that are much bigger than themselves. Milton football will always be grateful for your dedication and devotion to our team and helping our young men to become better teammates!”

Adam Clack
Milton High School Head Football Coach

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Listen to Kit on the Mike Slater Show in San Diego, CA

Listen to Kit on the Mike Slater Show in San Diego, CA

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Kit’s Book Signing at the MLK Center with Bernice King

Kit’s Book Signing at the MLK Center with Bernice King

On Sunday Jan 10th, 2016, Kit was invited to take part in the festivities at the King Center for Nonviolence in Atlanta to honor Dr. King’s 87th birthday. Kit’s latest release Peace "Behind the Wire: A Nonviolent Resolution" was featured and the King Center held a...

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POPP Fighting for At-Risk Youth in Tijuana, Mexico

POPP Fighting for At-Risk Youth in Tijuana, Mexico

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