Welcome to the POPP Friends and Family page– we’re so excited you have joined us! Please enter your friend’s or loved one’s info below and submit a picture that you would like for us to use as we prepare to display our upcoming Power of Peace Alumni Board. We are so proud of your Peacemaker’s achievement. You are helping us to change the perception and remove the shame and stigma around those who have found some trouble in their lives– as we all have at some point. Whether it be trouble with the law, addiction and recovery, incarceration, school suspension, or just a rough stretch, the Power of Peace Project rebuilds self-esteem and inspires a noble purpose in our POPP graduates. You can show support for your Peacemaker by submitting beautiful facts and wonderful accomplishments of your POPP grad. We can’t do this without you– thanks for helping us change the world one soul at a time!


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