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The Power of Peace Project trains college students who have “been there and done that” to facilitate groups in our 40 Day POPP programs with teens. Today’s youth need positive role models that they can relate to, who speak their language, and who understand what they are going through. These college students also need to be trained and mobilized to be young peacemakers on their college campuses where students are struggling with addiction, overdose, drunk driving, and senseless fighting.

POPP Mission Trips take teams of college interns to cities around the country to engage in community service projects and social change initiatives. Through these “POPP Dream Trips” young people will travel and see the world, and learn to create change through service. How many college students do you know who have served communities such as Memphis, New Orleans, Montgomery, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Nashville, and other historic civil rights communities? We will also take POPP Teams to Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, etc. so that they can learn how the rest of the world lives. Life changing adventures will change the way these young people see their world.

Power of Peace Project has created POPP Mission Trips in order to accomplish the following:

1) Travel to Power of Peace mission hot spots
2) Venture to third world countries in order to train young peacemakers
3) Learn the art of mentoring
4) Get young people in front of thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and change agents
5) Train college kids how to present publicly and learn communication and public speaking skills

Through POPP Dream Trips young people will travel, serve, and change their world. To learn more just go to our contact page and send us a message requesting more info about our intern program and POPP Mission Teams

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