We are a community supported organization. Another way of saying that is: we can’t do this without you! The Power of Peace Project relies on the passion, participation, and generosity of people just like you to accomplish our goals. Together we can make a difference and bring hope, change, and healing to the world!

You can personally change the world by changing ONE young person’s life. The Power of Peace Project is currently kicking off a new youth initiative in high schools and on college campuses. Our platform? The growing youth epidemic of drug overdose, accidental death, and suicide. These tragedies CAN be avoided and eradicated, but we need your help. Our youth need a big dream, a big why, effective tools, and new role models– and that’s what we do. You can sponsor a young person through our “Protect the Dream Campaign” (eight-week Character and Leadership Development project) for as little as $100. How many young lives can you sponsor? Please get involved today, and tell a friend. Please give what you can– every little bit goes a long way! Hope is the New Dope, and YOU are the Power of Peace!


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