We are a community supported organization. Another way of saying that is: we can’t do this without you! The Power of Peace Project relies on the passion, participation and generosity of people like you to accomplish its goals. Together we can make a difference and bring peace, change and education to the world!

You can personally change the world by changing a young person’s life. The Power of Peace Project is currently partnering with Bridge to the Future (Mexican nonprofit organization utilizing soccer to rescue at-risk youth) and launching our 40 Days of Peace program in one of the most dangerous areas of Tijuana, Mexico. For as little as a dollar a day ($40) you can sponsor a Tijuana Teen and help them not only find a safe haven, but also begin their journey as young peacemakers in an area known for drug cartels and violence. These beautiful teens south of the border will also be uniting with young people here in our own communities as we build bridges of unity and hope, and model peace for a wounded world! You can impact youth here AND abroad with your generous heart. How many teens could you sponsor for POPP? Just click donate and make your tax deductible contribution today. You are the Power of Peace!


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